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Fires on site

In your dome you will find a woodburning stove. You will also have your own private firepit and tripod just outside your dome. Please note no candles are permitted inside of the dome.

The Stove:

Inside your dome you have a wood burning stove to keep yourself toasty in the evenings. Please follow these instructions and rules when using the stove.


1. Open the door, place some old newspaper/fire lighters/ thin kindling to get the fire going. Light the newspaper/fire lighters/kindling carefully.

2. As the fire becomes stronger add progressively larger pieces of wood into the stove

3. The temperature of the fire can be controlled using the air inlet on the front of the fire. To reduce the heat simply close the air inlet, this will dampen the fire down.


  • Beware of burns when operating the stove. Please use the gloves provided to open the door and add wood to the stove.

  • Keep children away from the stove at all times. It gets very hot.

  • Do not leave anything combustible near the stove.

  • Keep the dome ventilated when using the fire. 

  • Do not leave the stove lit unaccompanied.

  • Do not leave your stove on through the night. Make sure the stove has burned out before you go to sleep. It will remain hot for a time anyway.

  • The dome has a carbon monoxide alarm and a fire extinguisher if needed.

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